CDL Series Marine Vertical Several Stages Centrifugal Pump
         The CDL series pump widely uses in the ships fire prevention, cooling, the boiler with the vertical single suction multistage sectional type centrifugal pump for the water, the seawater desalination, the deck washes the cabin and the life water supply system.The pump may transport 70℃ following sea water, the fresh water or the physico-chemical properties close liquid.
The CDLR series pump mainly uses in the ships transportation and the circulation is smaller than 150℃; the high lukewarm water with the vertical single suction multistage sectional type hot water centrifugal pump, the pump upper extreme is equipped with the cooling system, to machine seals with the bearing carries on cooling.Available in ships main engine auxiliary engine, boiler, heavy oil hold heating unit and quarters hot water circulation and so on.
         The CDL and  CDLR series pump is the vertical installment, has the structure compact reasonable, the area small, the low noise, the continuous working and so on many merits, also available high-level gives the water and the heating system in the city.